Saturday, 8 November 2008

pretty like drugs, katie jane garside (of queen adreena)

ok, after last post about alice glass, i would like to share my fantasy on sexy women.
may i just say, if i were a man, she has to be the one i can only think of, when i am touching myself, for sure.
p.s. you have to at least listen to her songs, before you say "oh no".

alice glass (of crystal castles)

dark, glam, punk, black eyes, skinniness, strong attitude, sexy voice... it seems she's got it all. will alice glass be the potential fashion icon?
i didn't pick her. i should say, she just came across. well, i just bumped into her on the internet when i was doing research. nice to meet you alice.

Saturday, 18 October 2008

vote for love

you love, so you vote.

Friday, 10 October 2008

smart girl

this smart girl didn't only add the drama to the show, but also gained much more press than ever before. good job, angela lindvall.

mr lagerfeld, i need more

karl lagerfeld is so overexposed, he's getting sick of himself. (source from
sorry, mr lagerfeld, i don’t think so. especially after I have seen your ss09 karl lagerfeld collection, i just can’t help keep thinking, what is inside your mind? why you can create so many collections in 1 season? are there 3 more of you, so that you have 96 hours in a day to finish your mission-impossibles?
i have to say, mr Lagerfeld, you really are the one who comes to this world, just to make all of us feel bad about ourselves.

ok, about your ss09 collection, may i just say, i totally love the futurism of the power women vibe. i can smell a hint of Japanese kimono inspiration… from all those accessories, can you? the metal body jewelry is superb, but I can’t fix out if they are meant to look like tattoos, or, lace. anyway, they are just hardcore.

what i could see are only those sandals

the grande dame of british fashion, vivienne westwood has done it again. what? don’t tell me what you can see are those asymmetric punk knits, the lacy toga dresses and caped trench coats… i don’t really admire/appreciate her her idiosyncratic vision. c’mon, all i am talking about are those bandages-wrapping-like strapy sandals.

Monday, 6 October 2008

blind beast

Blind Beast - Moujuu/Môjuu (Masumura Yasuzo 1969)
Country : Japan
Year: 1969
Genre: Horror

Yasuzo Masumura directs this Japanese cult film. A blind sculptor in search of the perfect female body kidnaps a beautiful young model and takes her back to his home -- a warehouse that he's filled with huge sculptures of body parts and the female form. At first, the model only wants to escape from this bizarre scene, but eventually, she succumbs to the sculptor's strange vision and even surpasses his obsession.

Seriously, I love Japanese films the most, The visuals, the rythms, the music, the pacing, last but not least, the over-exposure of the dark side of human beings. I saw this erotic thriller, moju last week. the most impressed part, for sure, is the story itself. But, somehow all those exaggerated breasts, legs, mouths sculptures and the accurate usage of light and shadow have left their imprints on me.